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 Pastor Roger

Pastor Roger joined the ministry team at St. John's Lutheran in 2017.  He has a background in music, youth ministry, and hospital chaplaincy.  He is in long term recovery from alcoholism and is active in recovery ministry.

Pastor Roger lives in West Seneca with his wife Tricia and their three children Roger III, Elsie, and Leo.  


Phone: 716-913-9365

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Pastor Roger's Letter Winter 2019

"Though I walk through the darkest valley, I shall fear no evil"

Siblings in Christ,

Winter is the heaviest season. 

We are cooped up in our houses, the days are short, the holidays which are so full of memory can trigger symptoms of grief, and for many of us... these are the months when we are again struck by that awful seasonal depression that makes it, well, I don't know about you but for me, it makes life feel heavy.

The temptation is really strong to withdraw. To keep it to ourselves, to go into hiding, to marathon 20 seasons of whatever is on Netflix... to go into hibernation!  And I am not a zoologist so don't quote me on this, but humans are not one of the animals that needs to hibernate right? (Unless Florida is just a code word for hibernation?) 

The other temptation maybe worse... to pretend like we are fine. To hold it all the heaviness in so we can appear light and "normal" on the outside... the technical term for this is "bullshitting.

Our grief group, Healing Together, is one way to help us fight both of these temptations. Every Monday in Lent we will gather to pray, to listen and share our stories of what the darkest valley means for us.  I am convinced that while each of us has our own unique experience of what it means to feel heavy, the only way to "lighten" up is to share the load.

So come, share in the offering and receiving of compassion that leads us toward Healing Together. 

In Christ,
Pastor Roger