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A Word from the Pastor for October…

There is an old story about a West Virginia lad who was sitting on a fence at the crossing of two narrow roads. A man in a very large car with New York plates roared to a stop in front of him, let down the electric window and said, "Young man, I'm lost. Can you tell me where this road goes?" 

He said, "No sir, I can't." 

The man said, "Well, can you tell me where that road goes?" 

The boy said, "No sir, I can't." 

The man said, "Well, young man, don't you know anything?" 

The boy said, "I know I'm not lost." 

When you find Christ, you know this: You are not lost. 

Luke 15 is all about what is lost and then found. The shepherd leaves his 99 sheep to find the one; the woman searches for one coin, and a lost son comes home. In each case there, celebration that what was lost has been found. 

If that isn’t the good news, I don’t know what it. A blessed October to all of you.