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2019 Lenten Devotional

Long ago the word Lent was used to identify the time of year when the light of day began to lengthen. The season of Lent in our church year marks a time when we lengthen or increase our knowledge and understanding about God and the depth of His love through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus, the Light of the World. During these forty days, we have an opportunity to reflect, meditate, and grow spiritually. It is a time to renew our relationship with God and nurture our spirituality. 

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Pastor Roger's Letter, February 2019

Brothers and Sisters in Christ, 

One analogy that has shaped the way that I think about human connection is yarn being knit together. Basically it goes like this, a weave is constantly being created through time with every human getting their own yarn and each human interaction creating a place where yarns come together. Throughout our lives we are knit together with others in more ways than we can know. When the weaving is close as within a family or community, we call this love. When those connections are lost we feel it. It is sad, disorienting, and painful. We call this normal response to loss grief. 

Each Monday in Lent Mrs. Carol Griesmann, LCSW, and I will be leading conversations to help us learn about grief and discover some skills we can all use to cope with loss. Please join us. 

If you have recently had a loss in your life this course is for you. 

If you knew loss years ago and are able to share your wisdom and hope with others as well as continue with your own healing this group is for you. 

Remember grief is a normal reaction to loss. Loss is not only caused by death. If you have experienced divorce or other type of major separation and are trying to heal this course is for you too. 

The love that God weaves together through these conversations is powerful healing that we all need. Please join us. In Christ, Pastor Roger

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