The way of the wicked is like deep darkness; they do not know what they stumble over

Proverbs 4:19

Amid the Darkness…PWC! A command with dire consequences? Secret code to go somewhere and carry out a mission? Or both? When I was a young kid my Dad announced my birthday by telling me my birth story. “Joe, it was a cold dark night when you were born. I was notified your Mom was taken to the delivery room and I began to run like crazy to the hospital. I ran through the snow-covered park and I crashed into a lady carrying groceries, helped with the groceries, yelled back to her ‘My wife’s having a baby!!’ and kept running.” When he finished, he just muttered under his breath…PWC.

“Amid the Darkness” sounded intriguing and I had not read Proverbs in some time. Proverbs is plain old good advice, passed down generations after generations! Chapter 4 is interesting because it’s advice given to sons by the father who reminds his boys he was also a son to a father. He knows whereof he speaks! In this case, stay away from Dumb Wicked People Who Don’t Know What They Fell Over! Wisdom always leads to a better and new life.

We are well into the season of Lent, when repentance and denial are emphasized. There is a historical tradition of teaching Luther’s Small Catechism: Lent is a time of renewing our understanding of the basic tenets of Lutheran faith and practice. As we do so, we discover we have much to be thankful for. We have a story of grace and forgiveness. We have a loving God who has created all things good, both light and darkness! We have been given His Son, who has made us clean through His sacrifice on the cross. And we have a people to surround us, giving us the wisdom of their lives and showing us the path that gives God’s life and blessings to all people.

I conclude with the wisdom of PWC. “Joe, it was a cold dark night when you came into the world. Having turned 16 on this day, the 21st day of December, and having passed your driver’s test, I now give you a set of keys to the Studebaker. And remember this, PWC, Proceed With Caution! It may be slippery out there and I don’t want you crashing into anything!”


Loving God, thank you for caring about all of life and what we do. AMEN, AMEN, AMEN.