Planning to visit for the first time?
Here's what to expect.
smart, simple precautions

So much has changed about how we will be church together in the age of COVID-19 but we are still an open and welcoming family church. As you enter the church, a member of our greeting team will welcome you, take your temperature, and provide you with a mask if you don't have one. The sanctuary has been set up to make social distancing easy. Simply sit in the next available row and enjoy preservice music.

How We Worship

Our pastors may have a few announcements before service begins. Our worship is centered on Word and Sacrament, meaning you will hear biblical preaching and be invited to the Lord's table for Holy Communion. And yes you are welcome to receive communion.  Jesus placed no restriction on who was welcome at His table and neither do we. There is a place for you here. 

What about my kids?

Children are welcome and invited to participate in worship. Pastor Roger prepares a weekly message and activity for the children to help them grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ. During the academic year, we typically have around 50 children in worship and an excellent Sunday School where the children learn the stories of scripture and learn how to tell thier own faith stories too.

Where do I park?

We have a large parking area between Clinton St. and Kron Ave. near the main entrance to the church. For our midweek outdoor worship we ak that you park in the Kron Ave. lot. 

What do I wear?

Jesus called disciples from all different walks of life and didn't impose a dress code. God wants to speak joy and wisdom to your heart and doesn't care what clothes you choose. Wear something "special" that helps set your mind on God, or just be comfortable and "in the moment" with our community.

How can I get connected?

As disciples and servants of Christ we follow His way of Love. We believe the best way to get really connected is to serve and to get involved.  Our various ministries flow out of our desire to "Love God — Love Self — Love The Other."  And you can find out more about them here.