Church Council 2023 - 2024

Valerie de Cathelineau - Pastor

Ken Klopfer - President
Dwayne Guerin - Vice President
Vickie Wienke - Secretary
Rick Lipka - Treasurer

Nancy Kessler
Nadine Brown
Kathy Moody
Edie Simms
Megan Marrano
Bethann Hintzman
Adam Wolff

Pastor Valerie
Our Senior Pastor

Pastor Valerie has served at Saint John's since 2015. She specializes in spiritual care, visitation ministry, and biblical preaching. Pastor Valerie is a Board Certified Chaplain who also works at Mercy Hosptial in Buffalo.  

Our Church Staff


Church  and Building Administrator: Rick Lipka
texts and phone: 716-880-4732

Office Administrator: Amy McDonald
office hours: Tuesday through Friday 8:30 - 12:30
phone: 716-668-2152

Youth Director: Megan Marrano